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Info about remaining games of regular season

Regular season schedule is approaching its final phase, there only remains last 3 weeks to play. The final deadline to complete the regular season is set to Friday, 27th November

From 29th November we are starting Playoffs and thus we will not prolong the regular season period.

Some GMs have not even played half the regular season!

Update 22/11: Due to the fact that GM Valter - did not play even half of the matches of the regular season, his matches have been deleted. Thanks for understanding.

Valter last active 2 month ago :( We are sad, that you didn't send feedback. Nevertheless we are not angry, we love you.

Admin team gives a fixed deadline for playing first 10 matches - 8th November.

GMs who have less than 10 matches not played until deadline 8/11 will get immediate contumacy 0:3 / 0:3 in favour of more active player based on ICQ history. If none of the concerned players will bother to announce reasons of delay to admins.

No exceptions will be granted to any player, no matter the reasons!

It's mandatory for each and every league player to be regularly visible on ICQ during last weeks of regular season. It's unacceptable that players are visible on ICQ once or twice per month! These players should not be surprised if they get the immediate contumacy to all of their unplayed 10 games right after the deadline 8/11 will be passed.

For players who have more than 10 matches, please finish the remaining matches as soon as possible and help others who have fewer matches.

Thank you all for your understanding and good luck in matches.

Added on: 30.10.2020 | Author: admins | Comments: add comment
Maestro^MASTER** (23.11. 10:38) IP:
Sad about Valters end, however everyone of us will end one day ;)
Will be All Stars Game? Unfortunately, no.
Update (11th September): All Stars Game will not be due to low participation and no feedback. (only 7 players voted: 5 for, 2 no). Continue to finish matches of the regular season.

We are approaching the middle of the regular season and playing All Stars game is a tradition. It's up to you boyz! Please all to vote on ICQ league channel, voting is anonymous. Write your idea about selection of players (4vs4 or 2vs2), teams (NA vs World, East vs West or basic NHL teams), match time, how many matches... or questions here in the comments.

All ideas and opinions are welcome. I look forward to your feedback.
Added on: 06.10.2020 | Author: joseph | Comments: add comment
16th regular season started

Dear players, league followers and your beautiful women. 16th EMLH regular season 2020 started.

Please follow these steps:
  • Follow the instructions, download and install all files from this section
  • Read league rules and settings for playing games (Changes from the previous season: Period lenght - 6min, Penalties - 3, actual roster)
  • If you win the match it is needed to send these files – gamestat, playerstat, teamstat in format CSV to Matches Results with NHL04GamePlayCenter
  • Match without statistics from the GamePlayCenter is invalid!
  • Each team in the NHL plays 18 regular season games, 9 each of home and road = Each vs. each 2 games. Minimal 2 games for a week. The maximum number of matches to play is unlimited. The fixed schedule of opponents does not apply. Play with who you see online. If someone is inactive for a long time or avoids an opponent, the matches will be contumated.
  • If the game is broken score difference keeps valid for the repeating game
  • All goals are allowed including wrap-around goals and all other types of goals
  • Be visible and capable on ICQ during the season

Good luck and have fun in games. Thank you to everyone who continues to play this league. We are oldest still-running PC hockey league in the world!

Added on: 04.09.2020 | Author: joseph | Comments: add comment
New season 2020 approaching

Dear players, new season 2020 begins with club draft, player draft. After latest season with original game rosters, this season we will play with actual NHL rosters.

In order to be ready for the start of the season 2020-21 please follow these steps:

Player draft:
    To balance overall teams we run player draft, you can draft player only from free teams, you can choice 1 player follow the instructions:
  • Overall team 78 choice - max 72 player overall
  • Overall team 77 choice - max 76 player overall
  • Overall team 76 choice - max 80 player overall
Players with attributes (overall) you find here

Send team lineup (until 31th August) for fixed and update league roster - contact administrator joseph or send to ICQ league channel

Registered players:

Added on: 17.06.2020 | Author: Maestro & joseph | Comments: add comment
joseph (30.08. 13:41) IP:
@TheTeaPot write me on email: eanhl2004@gmail.com or ICQ
TheTeaPot (30.08. 12:15) IP:
Hey guys, how can i join?
Valter (29.08. 16:28) IP:
Florida Panthers select Oliver Ekman-Larsson, defender, overall 76 from Arizona Coyotes.
Maksim (28.08. 21:27) IP:
I take B.Burns (76) from San Jose
Valter (28.08. 19:28) IP: 2001:67c:2660:425:18::28f
I could try to play. My pick is Florida Panthers.
FixxxeRBOSS (27.08. 19:37) IP:
Carolina choose Patrick Laine (WPG, RW, 76)
Maestro^MASTER** (27.08. 10:31) IP:
I take Helm (71) from Detroit
PaperTiger (25.08. 20:20) IP: 2a02:8108:1340:7040:4c87:a062:
Tampa Bay selects Nikita Zadorov of the Colorado Avalanche with the #2 overall pick.
joseph (25.08. 14:37) IP:
Boston Bruins #1 draft pick: from New Jersey Devils - #86 | Jack Hughes | C | 71 overall
TibOrr (22.08. 14:26) IP:
I am IN
Maksim (05.08. 12:13) IP:
I want to play in new season. ICQ - 722579456
StarScream (04.08. 20:00) IP:
want to play in new season 658589024
PaperTiger (17.07. 12:55) IP:
I want to play too!
Maestro^MASTER** (17.07. 12:52) IP:
Great job with a new league website Joe! I want to play in new season.
joseph (17.06. 08:29) IP:
Registration for new season 2020/2021 started! You can register here!