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Interview with Ice Cold

1/ Hi Ice Cold. You are playing with Devils for the 6th season in a row. You must be a big fan of this club, aren't you?

Ice Cold: Indeed, I am. But it never was so serious until EMLH. Back then, I would play for the Devils here and there on the original NHL 04 and I liked the team mainly beacuse of Patrik Eliáš and Martin Brodeur. The funny thing is that I actually played for the Montreal Canadiens in my first ever tournament for the EMLH in the pre-season qualification but I think in the season they were already taken so I remembered on Devils and took them. From that moment I also started to following them on day-to-day basis in the real life and Im watching almost every game live from there!


2/ How would you summarize the team had evolved in quality since 2013 when you first time picked them for the league season?

Ice Cold: I definitely think it was my first season with them where I had the best chemistry with my team. Obviously I went into the finals with that team. Players like Mike Cammalleri and Jaromir Jagr at that time perfectly suited my style of play and I was able to do miracles with those players. Of course Im aware that there are stronger teams in the game than Devils, but I love cheering and playing for underdogs and maybe its just because Im a fan, but I think a lot of players on Devils was and are very underrated in their overalls. For example, last year Hart trophy winner Taylor Hall could definitely have more than just 78, Nico Hischier is also better than his 73.


3/ In terms of your position in actual league standings (6th place) and player stats (Hall's 13pts in 16games) - how are you satisfied so far?

Ice Cold: Obviously I cannot be satisfied with my league position. My biggest problem is consistency and I have to work on it. Last year I had more time to practice and I thought that maybe I was playing too much because I think I started to lose creativity as I was playing still the same style. But this year my problem might be the opposite as I rarely have a time to play practice game. Concerning players stats, its always nice when somebody from your team is sucesfull in the league standings but thats not important to me at all. At least not right now. I have to start winning constantly and it doesnt really matter who scores the goals.


4/ Did T.J Oshie bring the impact that you expected from him in player draft? Just 9 pts in 16 games is probably a bit behind expectations.

Ice Cold: As I said in the previous answer, I dont really try to see much in the player stats. I think 9 pts in 16 games is not so bad but I know it could definitely be better. I still hope T.J can be impact player for me in the second half of the season and playoffs. I think hes been a nice fit so far, he gets chances and a lot of shots on net, unfortunatly, it wasnt going in as much for him.


5/ What do you think about the overal quality of the league this season?

Ice Cold: I think this year especially is heavy packed with quality players! It would be nice to see here more players but thats probably why the competion is so good right now. Everybody can beat anybody. Even Sallud played very well in games against me. I believe this years race for the champion will be very tight!


6/ Playoff. In your first career league season you managed to hit the Finals and gain the status of the league star, but then you failed to reach more than first round for 4-times in a row.

What are you abmitions this season? Is it a cup or you just looking forward to win the first round and then see what will happen?

Ice Cold: Oh yea, playoffs are very interesting story for me :D I really dont know where is the problem…Its been mostly very close battles that could go either way. I have to get it out of my head and try for the win in every round I get into as there may not be many oppertunities left for me to win the Stanley Cup.


7/ You already reached a lot in your league career. You belong to a group of 10 greatest league players all-time, then you won a Ted Lindsay award, 3 all-star teams, 2x 4th in scoring at major tournaments, Finalist of playoff in 2014. What more would you like yet to add into your collection of achievements?

Ice Cold: Obviously the Stanley Cup is missing here, and that should be my goal. But Im aware that it is going to be very hard, so if this achievement isnt completed I would just like to play as best as I can and enjoy the game.


8/ What do you think about the idea to bring original roster (2003-04) for next season? Would you vote for or against it?

Ice Cold: I love it! After all, we all grew up on this game and it would be amazing to recall these times. I still have my old notebooks where we was recording each game played in endless battles with my cousin! I like the rebuild mode and guys that developed it did amazing job, but it would be very special for me to go back to the original mode even for only 1 season! It would be very interesting to see how players perform in the original game compared to the rebuild mode. Either way, Im very greatefull for this community, cause NHL 04 is absolutely the best hockey game for PC!


Thank you and wish you all the best for the rest of the season, especially playoffs.

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2nd part of regular season begins
Regular season is in the middle. How will it end? 2nd part will show. You may play all of your remaining games now. Wish you have a good time :)
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Interview with Dave


You are entering your first league season 2018-19 with the Chicago Blackhawks. Are you satisfied with results you have reached so far?

I have almost finished my matches for the 1st half and so far, I am disappointed with myself. Nevertheless, I still have time to improve and show my qualities. The league is harder than expected and there is a lot of hardwork a head of me, should I want to reach the Play-Off stage.

With which place would you be satisfied after the regular season and what are your ambitions in the Play-Offs?

My ambitions are always the highest possible, so the main goal is the Stanley Cup. Of course, I am not a favorite to win it all.
Regarding the regular season, any place securing a Play-Off berth would befine, as long as I can avoid Arta (Los Angeles). So 6th or 7th place should doit and I may have the luck of avoiding Arta, but one really doesn't ever know. We will see.

Patrick Kane is the leading scorer (G+A) so far, Toews is 3th, Marchessault 4th, DeBrincat 5th, Keith 8th... this is unbelievable. Do you aim to win the Art Ross Trophy with any of these players? Do you think that Kaner could be first in player points after regular season?

I think you are overreacting with this question, it may be true that my players have scored many goals and assists, but you have to take into account that I have - by far - the most games played as of now.
I didn't come to win individual trophies, all that matters is the ultimate goal, winning the best trophy in all of sports, Lord Stanley's Cup!
Kaner is a player with a high Overall rating, in better hands, he surely is a good candidate to win the Art Ross Trophy. Maybe next season…

Are you satisfied with your draft choice, Marschessault?

Marchessault is a very skilled and especially a very fast player. Given the fact that speed is probably the most over powered stat in this game, I am very pleased with his performance.

I know it may be too early for a rookie to predict the Stanley Cup finalists of this season, anyway, who do you guess will play in the final?

Even though I may be new to the league, I am not new to this game. There have been many players that I had the pleasure to play against, but there are some players I would consider the best at this game. And Arta is one of them. I am sure he is happy about Scottie's and Alaq's absence, since those two players are, alongside Arta, my top three NHL04 players.
That's why my pick for the Champion is Arta. His opponent could be anyone, really. So far, I can tell that every player in this league has a certain levelof quality and I can imagine anyone in the final, alongside Arta. Veterans like Ice Cold, TibOrr, Maestro or even Mino were very tough to play against and their chances for a Stanley Cup are very high this year, you just have to beat Arta :D

Off-topic question: We know that you are from Slovakia but you live in Germany. Which is your favourite NHL team and your favourite NHL players? Who are your favourite players born either in Slovakia or Germany?

Even though I live in Germany since 2006, I have never been a fan of any German players or teams. Also, it is hard to tell which NHL club I like the most… I tused to be Chicago, mainly because of Hossa. At the moment, and also with the lack of Slovak players in the NHL, the only team I actively follow is Boston. Onholidays or on some weekends, the Bruins play in the afternoon (which is something like 21:00 in my time zone), so I can actually watch the match live and not only the summary on the next morning.
My favourite players born in Slovakia are Marian Hossa, Zdeno Chara, Marian Gaborik and, not to forget the older generation, also Miroslav Satan, Robert Svehla and many more. We used to have a lot of world-class players.
Other players I loved to watch were Teemu Selanne, Pavel Bure, Alex Ovechkin and also Patrick Kane.

Off-topic question: 2019 IIHF Ice Hockey World Championshipis scheduled to be hosted by Slovakia - will you come to see this spectacle in your home country?

It depends on my University schedule, I have been to a Slovan Bratislava game(in the lock-out season) against Dynamo Moscow (with Ovechkin on that team) and if there would be a chance to see Slovakia play in the semis, I would gladly come. From what I heard, Slovakia's group will be played out in Kosice, so Idon't know yet - but the wish for it is there!


Thanks for Interview Dave! Good luck in season bro.

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Season 2018-19 details

Roster for 2018-19 season is now available on here!

We play on latest roster from 15/9/2018 (NHL04 Rebuilt update) with EMLH draft.

Season schedule / New system

We are going to switch on new system this season.

There will be only 2 rounds of regular season, in each round will be played 20 games - each vs each 2x.

Round 1 of regular season is scheduled to be played between September 23 and November 18

Round 2 of regular season is scheduled to be played between November 19 and January 20

Playoffs is scheduled to be played between January 21 and February 25

  • During each round, players are scheduled to play each other 2x anytime they want, up to 6 games a week per player.
  • Before you start your first match of the season, READ THIS to ensure that you are familiar with league rules and settings.
  • After you play your matches please always post results HERE into comments of this section + send your GPC files to league email address eanhl2004@gmail.com

Regular season started!

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